Flea Market Rules

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Jake’s Flea Market Rules

We ask both vendors and shoppers to please wear a mask to help stop the spread of the COVID-19.
Attention vendors:
The Market gates will not open until 4 AM. (April – September)
 The Market Gates will not open until 5AM (October – December)
Parking along route 100 is prohibited.
State police have informed us that they will ticket any vehicle parked along route 100 waiting for the gates to open.
Tables & spaces will continue to be first come first serve and will remain at $10 each.
Space rentals will be collected at the time of entry


  • No pets of any kind – applies to visitors and sellers
  • No alcoholic beverages to be consumed on premises
  • Seller’s vehicle must fit in the rented space(s)
  • All vendors must vacate the market grounds by closing each day
  • Items NOT Permitted:
    • sale or swap of explosives, firearms, ammunition, flammables
    • sale or swap of alcoholic beverages
    • sale or swap of any obscene or pornographic nature material
    • sale or swap of any live animals
    • sale or swap of all tobacco products
    • sale or swap of any counterfeit merchandice
    • flying of drones, kites, etc over flea market property
    • sale of open food or fast food carts, sale of water, soda etc. for consumption on premises – we already have authorized food and drink vendors
  • When renting tables all merchandise must be displayed on or under your  table, nothing in front of the tables
  • Vendors may not deface or nail anything to the tables, poles or pavement
  • Vendors may not remove, rearrange, relocate, or move any tables the market has provided
  • All tables and field spaces are on a first come basis unless marked reserved (monthly rental tables are marked by Staff only)
  • NO vendor parking in parking lot, you must park at your selling spot
  • All items displayed for sale must be within white lines for safety reasons
  • Vendors are responsible for PA sales tax when applicable
  • Each seller is required to keep his or her area clean.
    • No one is permitted to leave behind any discarded merchandise, boxes, or cartons on the grounds
    • All items and vehicles must be removed from the market each day.
    • No one is permitted to ride bicycle, scooters, or any gas or electrical vehicles in vendor grounds except signal passenger mobility scooters.
    • Vendors are to dress appropriately and no offensive signage on clothing.
    • All non profit organizations or affiliates must see management prior to set up.
    • Trailers must remain attached to vehicle when setting up in the field.

Management is not responsible for supplying any electrical service.

Management reserves the right to eliminate any item that is being sold, swapped or given away at any time .

Management is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Violators of these rules may be barred from Jake’s Flea Market Premises