History of Jake’s Flea Market

Jacob “Jake” Treichler‘s dream started back in 1980 with few vendors selling their wares out along Route 100. Maybe it was his infectious laugh or his knack for making everyone feel special but the vendors kept coming back. To Jake, the flea market and its vendors were his family and together they kept growing.

Before long, Jake’s flea market became the place to go on a Saturday and Sunday to find all of those items that no one else seemed to have. It has become a place, not only for buyers and sellers to meet, but a place where neighbors and friends can gather on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, on April 4th 2003, Jake was struck by a pick-up truck. He was killed while crossing Route 100 the night before the flea market was scheduled to open for the season. He was only 50 years old.

Jake’s flea market is now entering its 36th year and Jake’s dream is being kept alive by his brother, sister-in-law, and his two nephews. The Flea market continues to grow with each passing year and many improvements have been made. The most recent improvements have been the brand new pavilion in 2015, a covered pavilion in 2007 and the bathroom facilities that were completed in 2006. These are just a couple of the many things that are being done to keep Jake’s dream alive.

Jake’s infectious laugh may be gone, but the knack for making everyone feel like family remains the same. So come and check us out…As Jake used to say:

“We may not be the biggest, but you’ll find us a little different from the rest.”